The staff and instructors are patient, knowledgeable, and take the time to be present with their members. I was highly impressed from the minute we stepped into the gym. Highly recommend!


“Awesome staff and coaches. They have an outstanding work ethic and drive to help better others with challenges going on in their quest to weight loss, training, or grappling. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking to better themselves or have their kids learn to defend themselves.”


“My kids have been in jujitsu classes here for almost 3 years. The coaches are completely locked in and engaged with every student. As a parent, it is very reassuring and comforting to know that my children can defend themselves if needed. The standard and expectations are high, and it facilitates a very good environment for the kids to thrive and succeed!”

“My son CJ has attended VCSA for 4 years now and he has gained confidence in every aspect of his life. He has been able to put the skills that he has learned into real-life action in preventing a boy from being hurt. All while not hurting any of the parties involved. The amazing coaches are very supportive in lifting him to the next level. You can see from other patrons to the VCSA staff the desire to see the kids reach their goals. VCSA considers us as a family versus just as customers. They bring a very competitive atmosphere with a whole lotta family love.”

“LOVE this gym! I’ve been with VCSA for three years now and couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. The coaches here put a ton of care and attention into working with you on your goals. This place WEARS ME OUT in the best possible way. Not only have I learned a lot of technical knowledge but the way I feel physically and mentally has changed. I am constantly encouraged by the coaches. Shannon has built an amazing place for self-improvement. Come give it a try!”


“I take the combat conditioning class with coach Ross, and I love it. It’s based around boxing, with an awesome curriculum. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you”! And boy can I already see the difference. All the coaches and staff I’ve met are really cool and welcoming. Proud to call this gym my 2nd home.”


“I love Victory! The gym itself is so spacious and clean! The environment is welcoming and friendly. The members support each other and encourage each other! It is nice to feel welcomed! The staff are friendly knowledgeable and will encourage you when you struggle. I encourage anyone looking for a non-judgment gym! But want to learn new things and want some accountability … this is the place to be!”


“This place is amazing from the staff to the members. My son enjoys the kicking boxing class with coaches! He also loves the Jiu-Jitsu class. These coaches not only teach martial arts to these kids but teach them about work ethic, determination and to never quit. Great life skills they can take with them.”


“Victory Combat has helped my kids learn self defense, self discipline, and emotional management as well.  They love their teammates unlike anything else, and always have each other’s back. They have come to love the sport of MMA and Jiu Jitsu so much. They also compete in tournaments from AGF in Jiu Jitsu to MMA in other tournaments and competitions. This is something they’re passionate about.”


This gym has changed my life in so many ways. I now have an awesome gym family, and a push to be a better me everyday! I would definitely recommend this gym, it’s my home away from home!

– Armando S.

My three kids, 2 daughters (16 & 12) and a son, have gone to VSCA since 2020. The programs available at the gym and the coaches are amazing for my kids. Both have taught them proactiveness, respectfulness, determination, and perseverance. The amount of genuine care the coaches have for the members of the gym goes above and beyond anything you would expect.


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